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Vérification de la croissance de la laitue

For food autonomy

The agriculture of the future

To reach food autonomy, the whole chain must be mobilized: the agricultural producer, the processor, the supply chain and the consumer.


Food self-sufficiency involves local food production (local economy), in a sustainable way (reduction of chemical use, increase in nutrients in food, increase in productivity), in short circuits (reduction of GES).


This is an opportunity for our agricultural and agri-food sector to both work and be supported by the Ministry of agriculture, Ocean and Fisheries, Innovation, Economic, and Environment to collectively fight against climate change.


Who says government orientations says resources and programs! Agricultural and agri-food projects can therefore qualify for grants, subsidies and funding at several levels:


  • Innovation

  • Robotization

  • Research and development

  • Export

  • Transformation 

  • Entrepreneurship & #Repreunariat

  • Food autonomy

  • Circular economy

This page brings together tools and programs developed by our governmental, paragovernmental and private organizations that can help you implement your project.

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Organizations of interest

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